Let’s All Go To The Drive-In


Taking my “boys” to the drive-in tonight for the first time! I grew up near an awesome drive-in movie theatre called the Holiday Auto Theatre.

In the 9 years Mr. Ram-a-razzi and I have been together we have never been. I used to go all of the time with my friends in high school. It was a blast to go with people who had a truck, fill the back with pillows and blankets and watch movies late into the night. During the Summer it obviously gets dark much later so we would often not get home until 2 or 3am.

Other than replacing the window speakers with a radio signal, the Holiday is straight out of the 50’s.

The prices can’t be beat, especially if you are bringing along the kiddos. Put them in their jammies, bring some blankets and settle in for the best movie night ever.

  • Adults $8.50
  • Children 4-11 $5.00
  • Children 3 and Under FREE

Food Permit: $5.00 – This permit allows you to bring a cooler, bag of snacks or even a pizza (or steak sandwiches) from Richard’s Pizza.

Tonight they are showing Frankenweenie and Paranorman. Not bad for Baby Ram-a-razzi’s first movie.



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