Pure Insanity

Well, Baby Ram-a-razzi has been afflicted with a cold. You would never know it by the way he is acting. He has been running through the house in nothing but a t-shirt and diaper for close to 2 hours. He refused to take a nap…twice. I thought sick kids were supposed to be cuddly and sleepy. Pass the aerosol Valium!

Not even the horrible showing by our Cincinnati Bengals could make Wild Man pass out. Speaking of the Bengals, can we just have the Reds back?

I’m not a huge sports girl but I do love my Reds. Mr. Ram-a-razzi’s day (and the day of those closest to him aka ME) can take a horrible turn for the worst during MLB season if the Reds perform poorly. We went to NLDS Game 4 on Wednesday just knowing that the Reds would win and move on to the next level. NOPE! We had to drown our sorrows in Smashburger after a disappointing 3-8 loss. I guess that’s just my luck for planning a “date day” with Mr. Ram-a-razzi. He took a 1/2 day from work, we had lunch, Orange Leaf (mmm…Caramel Apple fro-yo) and headed to GABP. After about the 3rd inning it got tense. I know when it is time to quietly eat my popcorn and pray for runs 🙂


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