Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

Giraffe Love

Kimba & Tessa, Spring 2011

I hate that Thomas and I are fighting a cold and he is teething! Normally it would just be an everyday type of bummer but we NEED to visit the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens. Last Friday, October 12, 2012, the zoo welcomed a new baby Maasai giraffe. The baby girl still does not have a name but can now be seen in the display window of the Giraffe House.

I am a bit of a giraffe nerd. I think they are such graceful, gorgeous animals. I just happened to visit the zoo last year a few days before the giraffe calf, Zuri, had to be euthanized last April due to a broken leg that would not correctly heal. It was so sad. I’ll admit, I shed a few tears.

The giraffes here in Cincy are kind of a big deal. We were the first zoo in the Western Hemisphere to successfully breed giraffes in captivity. That took place back in 1889. See…I listen during the little talk zoo employees give around the zoo 🙂

If you live in Cincinnati or plan to visit, the zoo is a MUST. It is the second oldest zoo in the USA. They are constantly improving, building and adding fun activities for the entire family. I also have a bit of a geek crush on Thane Maynard, the Director of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens. You can see him roaming around the zoo talking to families, making sure everything is in top shape and even “pooper scooping” when an extra set of hands is needed somewhere.


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