Couch Potatoes

I never thought I could get tired of being lazy but, I have. Baby Ram-a-razzi is still working on two molars and recovering from a cold. He was nice enough to share his germs with me (and potentially Mr. Ram-a-razzi) so I am recovering from a cold too. It is actually a combo of allergies and cold for us parentals.

I am dying to get out of the house but fear we will get somewhere and the little guy will take a turn for the stuffy-nosed worst and it will have been a waste of time, gas, energy and sanity. Tomorrow is another day! There has to be a rule that you can’t be sick on Friday or the weekend…right?

I did make an excursion to Target last night with the little man to get some random items we were in need of. It went okay. No epic sick kid meltdowns but I could tell he didn’t feel well. He didn’t flirt with any girls/ladies we met. That was my big indication that he didn’t feel so fabulous. Baby Ram-a-razzi is normally a fearless flirt! All he did was wave. No “Hi” or big toothy grins.

He was pleased that he got to wear his Thomas the Tank Engine pj’s and a hoodie last night on our trip. It was almost 9pm but he didn’t nap until almost 3pm so I knew I was in for a late night playing blocks, snuggling, refilling his sippy cup and keeping him supplied with frosty teething toys.

I am pretty much a zombie today. Between the cold medicine, allergy pills and lack of sleep I could fall face first into the Pack and Play at any given moment.

On a much happier note, another great reason for getting better ASAP is that this weekend is the Minges Pumpkin Festival in Harrison, OH! We go every year and it is a great time. I can already taste my pumpkin donuts and apple cider! Is it Sunday yet?


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