I shouldn’t have had that donut for breakfast

So, yesterday I watched my best friend of 24 years, who I shared my Kindergarten desk with, compete in the NPC Monster Mash Natural show at Harrison High School. I attended last year an had a much better time than I could have imagined. I had never been to  bodybuilding/fitness event before and I immediate felt guilty for eating a Dunkin Donut that I grabbed on my way.

My best friend, who we shall call CJ, has competed in 5 shows now and is really starting to make her presence know in the bikini division. Her coach, Rick, actually organizes the Monster Mash each year. It is a really fun, Halloween-themed show where the competitors can wear costumes during finals.

Oddly enough, at least it was odd to me, that I felt like I was not judged by the competitors who can probably crush soda cans with their buns. I am a little “fluffy” these days and feel judged sometimes by skinnier women who obviously diet and exercise religiously. I’m sure most of it is in my head. I try to get to the gym when I can but my willpower gets the best of me a lot of evenings. Getting to the gym is 95% of my problem. Once I actually get there I jump on my chosen source of cardio, usually the Arc trainer or elliptical and kick my own butt.

While I may never be 13 % body fat and rocking it on stage in a metallic bikini, I have to give credit to CJ and the other women (and men) there who find the time, energy, willpower and stamina to stick to a rigid diet and bust their butts in the gym achieving their goals.


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