Party at GaGa’s

My son is not the least bit spoiled by his GaGa 😉 During our usual Friday pilgrimage to the “homeland” Baby Ram-a-razzi decided to test the limits of GaGa’s spoiling. He came out victorious.

The Great TP Experiment

Grandma’s are always the queens of spoiling kids and then sending them home, but the GaGa’s in our family have it perfected. Baby Ram-a-razzi calls both our moms GaGa. Grandma is a little too difficult at 13 months. He gets away with practically everything at their houses but I enjoy it.

My mom keeps a basket by her toilet with a spare roll or two of TP. Her closet space in the bathroom, as well as the rest of the house is pitiful. Imagine being a clothes loving teen with a closet the size of a hall closet. My family moved to a historical home built in 1889 right before I started high school. It’s a cool place but the closet space sucks! That and you can’t dry your hair in the downstairs bathroom if the dishwasher or microwave are on unless you like trips down the basement stairs into the depth of oil basement Hades to flip the breaker.

Ok, back to the spoiling part. My adorable, rotten son decided that the toilet was the perfect place for a brand new roll of TP. We hadn’t closed the bathroom door enough for it to latch, 120 year old door knobs can be a little finicky. At home I would be cursing the fact that the little man doesn’t understand correction beyond, “NO!” Toilet paper is overpriced! If I buy Charmin (on sale with coupon) I practically ration it out. I have been known to say, “I put a brand new roll in there earlier and it is half gone!”

Dear Mom aka GaGa thought it was hysterical how amazed he was at the “amazing” swelling TP experiment. Thank God they buy in bulk! I think he has found a new favorite naughty activity for when the adults slip up and leave the door open. The hiding behind the shower curtain was so much better and much less expensive.


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