The Political Fitness Plan

I came up with the idea for this humorous approach to fitness while cooking dinner. Between 3:30 and 4:40pm, while I was cooking dinner, I received 4 politically-based calls. I have turned off our digital answering machine (Hey! It is part of the phone. We are not stuck in the 80’s) so I don’t have to listen to that crap when I get home from being out.

Anywho, I have quit running for the phone lately because it is never for us. Most is political and the rest is for the people who have a number similar to us but give our number to places so they don’t have to deal with collection calls, but we do. So frustrating. We have 555-1234 and their real number is 555-1243. They make it look like a mix up. Sadly, we go to the same dentist. I ratted them out after our first incident of not bring able to book appointments due to “delinquent accounts.” So far the dentist is the only place to believe my true story.

Back to the plan 🙂
I will now literally run to answer all calls. If it is a political survey I will do 50 jumping jacks, about Romney gets 15 pushups, Obama is worth a 30 second wall squat, a specific issue gets 20 sets of stairs and the evil wrong number people get 2 minutes of shadow boxing where I pretend to beat them up for 5 years of frustrations.

I should be smoking’ hot by Election Day 😛

PS. If it is for us I get a cupcake. Just kidding.


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