Keep your stones to yourself!

“…He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” John 8:7

I know, it’s about an adulterer but to me it applies to almost anything. I’m not a huge Bible quoter because it is so often used to make people feel looked down upon as opposed to lifted up, which defeats the entire purpose.

Anywho, I am reminded of this verse often, especially during this election year.

I consider myself a “Linzatarian.” I can see good points with both political parties as well as bad points. Who I am voting for and why is my own personal business and I don’t intend to share my choice or my reasoning. That being said, many people feel differently and will tell you all about who they vote for and why. If someone has a well supported arguement, backed by factual data, not just from biased sources, more power to them.

What really upsets me is when people try to tell others that if they vote for Obama they are baby-killing, welfare loving, bailout supporting morons or if they vote for Romney they are rich, elitists who support plural marriage and the suppression of women.

I would be amazed to come across a voter who agrees 100% with everyone they have ever voted for. It would only happen that way in a perfect world where socks never go missing, food never burnt and ice cream didn’t make you fat.

Religious beliefs or lack thereof are
NOT! reasons in and of themselves to vote a certain way. I have seen a lot of people on Facebook posting Bible verses and saying that you are “not a Christian” if you vote for Candidate X.

Just verses to lift people up, not to put them down.


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