Shamelessly On The Couch

I had so much I wanted to accomplish during nap time. The visions of a clean kitchen floor, Cheerio-free carpet and making a dent in the clutter in my office quickly disappeared when Baby-ram-a-razzi tossed a toy over the railing, onto the landing, from his Pack and Play and scared the bajeezus out of me. I whipped my head around and pulled a muscle in my neck. Four Advil later I am only feeling slightly better.

Some days I lack the desire to tackle large projects and just want to be lazy. Who doesn’t? But today I was on a roll. I was starting dinner when the injury occurred. So, it’s technically a Worker’s Comp claim…right?

I was actually looking forward to going to the gym tonight with Mr. Ram-a-razzi and my brother-in-law, who still needs a blog nickname. I am still undecided on if it would be dumb to even attempt a trip to the gym. If all else fails I’ll do leg lifts from the couch 😉


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