A Lot Can Happen In 7 Minutes

The guilty party. She also enjoys un-making the bed and making herself a “nest.”

Baby Ram-a-razzi started our day with a trip to Target to get necessities and drop off a payment at the water company along the way. I let the 3 beasties outside to do their business and play while we got ready. They played outside for 30-45 minutes.

Fast-forward to after Target. We were gone an hour and a half at most. I walk in the front door and get a whiff of an offending odor. I prayed that one of the doggies just had a bit of gas.

I put the little man in his Pack & Play so that I can carry in our purchases, put them away and go downstairs to get the dogs. Epic Meltdown ensued. I turn on my Mommy Selective Hearing and try to work fast. I get all our bags inside, put the fridge/freezer items away and go to get the dogs.

As soon as I open the door to the dogs’ area I realize that it is not gas. Our lovely, oldest furbaby, Bailey has made an offensive mess in her crate. She is almost 6 years old and fully housetrained. She has a bit of an issue with wasting her outside time chasing squirrels, barking at walkers, annoying her younger sister Morgan…etc. She tend to “forget” to use the restroom unless she is about to explode. It is like having a little kid who messes in their pants because they refuse to stop playing to go to the bathroom. Unless she can be outside for a long time we run the risk of her having to go shortly after going into her crate. If we are home, it’s annoying, but she barks or scratches the door and goes back out. Today we left to run errands and her “assistant” aka me was not available.

As I am cleaning and disinfecting her crate, and mumbling about her being the spawn of Satan’s dog and listening to Thomas throw a fit, I hear Morgan and Boomer barking. If Boomer barks it mean business. He is a pretty quiet guy unless something is up. I had a feeling I knew what that meant…Bailey escaped the yard. We have an Invisible Fence that kept all 3 dogs contained for close to 4 years. All of a sudden Bailey started escaping. We have gone back and forth with the company, had the collars tested, switched her collar with one of the other dogs, determined there are not breaks in the wire, etc. She only breaks through if she is chasing an animal. It happens maybe once a week and she never leaves where I can still see her (thankfully). I went and got her and put the dogs away. Child has given up on the fit and is now playing in his Pack and Play.

So, in 7 minutes we had: a fit, dog poop, dog poop clean up, escaped dog and the death stare from the baby. I could really use some Halloween candy right now.


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