A Major Prize, A Major Prize, I WON, I WON, I WON!

I confess…I own a leg lamp Christmas ornament.

Gracie – Magenta

Anyway, I did not win a leg lamp. If I did win a leg lamp, I would still be thrilled! What I did win is a Jo Tote Gracie in Magenta. I love the Jo Totes but have never bought one. This one retails for $119. I couldn’t justify that cost just to have a pink bag. I have an awesome backpack that Mr. Ram-a-razzi bought me for my birthday 2 or 3 years ago and a smaller Manfrotto sling bag that I use on smaller shoots or when I am going to take one of the “the big cameras” out. We refer to the cameras as big (Canon 5dMII) or small (Canon Powershot). It makes life easier when I say, “Grab the camera.”

I am not totally unlucky but I don’t win things very often. I am definitely not the friend you make call the radio station to try and win Jimmy Buffett tickets.

I did win a diamond necklace at Sears around 1988. They didn’t state that it was only open to those 18 and over. I filled out a registration form and dropped it into the box. The drawing was in less than an hour. I heard my name over the store announcements to report to the service desk. My mom probably thought I ganked a Barbie or something. NOPE! I won the $200 diamond solitaire necklace. Did they think my handwriting was from a person who just sucked at penmanship? I was 5 years old! Even at 5 I knew the rules and how to enforce them. I told the nice lady with the bad perm (yay 80’s!) that I knew how to read and it did not say on the sign that there was an age and that I wanted my prize! Needless to say, Mom got a good gift that year. No homemade pot holders or bead necklaces that year!

Other than that I have only won smaller prizes. The occasional door prize at a holiday party and maybe a gift for winning the baby shower game or two.

I never expected to win the bag. The contest was to help support the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. If you donated $10 or more to the Red Cross and posted on the Paperie Boutique blog post that you had done so, you were entered. Everyone must have been so wrapped up in Halloween yesterday because there were only eight entries. So, by my calculations I had 12.5% chance of winning. The odds were in my favor.

Thanks to Paperie Boutique and Jo Totes for my MAJOR AWARD!


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