A Year Older and Hopefully A Bit Wiser

Well, today I am 29. I had an awesome day filled with family and friends. My bestie, CJ, was in attendance as she has been for probably 20 of my last 24 birthdays. My brother, who shall be known as Bub, ventured home from college to have some cake and ice cream with us. As always my grandparents joined us and of course my parents were there…it was at their house. My sisters were not in attendance. They have kids who are in five zillion activities so the weekends are crazy. We are pretty low key. Chester’s pizza and cake. It’s kind of a family tradition once you are past the themed parties with treat bags age.

I received lots of great clothes from my Mom…shopping is our thing so she knows my sizes, style and color preferences. It’s kinda awesome. Mr. Ram-a-razzi did have to work this evening but it turned out to be just fine. Baby Ram-a-razzi and I hung out at my parents’ watched Bob the Builder and Thomas episodes on Netflix and ate some more cake. It was my kind of a day!

Best Friends for 24 years

I am now 1/2 my mother’s age. She was hoping for a body switch

Pizza is serious business

The Whole Ram Fam

Wildman & I


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