On Plan N…for nap

I decided to make a trek to the local mall to kill some time while Mr. Ram-a-razzi was doing some things for work. It is pretty hard to get anything done and maintain full concentration on your project while making sure your child is not hanging from the ceiling fan wielding razor blades and choking on coins…at least for dads πŸ˜‰ They don’t get as much practice usually.

I left the house with our bags packed full of puffs, juice, the sippy cup and its leash (best idea ever!), diapers, wipes and of course toys. I planned to have lunch at the food court, do some walking around, let little man people watch and pick up a few wrinkle-free button ups for the Mr.

My son will be well rested when we finally get into the mall. He fell asleep no more than 5 minutes before I got to my parking space. I was expecting nap time to occur AFTER the mall but children usually have other plans. So, I sit in the “Purple Puppy Mobile” waiting it out.

Yes, my car is named the Purple Puppy Mobile. It is obviously purple and before baby came along it had a dog in it from time to time. My seat covers (to protect against dog messes) have paw prints on them. It also still sport the “Reduce, Reuse, Rescue” magnet and Animal Adoption Awareness magnets.

He will do anything to delay shopping πŸ˜‰


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