I’m Sick & Tired…Literally

It seems like this time of year I am always stricken with a sinus infection. I am allergic to everything under the sun so I have gotten used to it. This is the time that my allergy trouble transition from seasonal, outdoor allergies to the lovely indoor ones like dust, mold, mildew and such. I do my best to keep a clean house but no one is perfect.

Last night Mr. Ram-a-razzi was getting ready for bed and decided to take some medicine for his sore back. He dropped it on the floor and it rolled behind the fridge. GREAT! He had to move the fridge to get it out and freed the family of dust bunnies that resided behind it.

Don’t even get me started on the foolishness that is released with holiday decor. You can clean it before you put it away, keep it in plastic bins, store it indoors away from moisture and it still ends up dusty and stale smelling. Benedryl is my friend!

So, my allergies are having a bit of a flare up in addition to my lovely sinus infection. I wanted to go to bed early last night but had things that had to be done by today. So 11pm as early as I could manage. Baby Ram-a-razzi has been crazy in the middle of the night for the past week. He is usually a great sleeper. He has slept through the night on a regular basis since about 5 months old. But, these last few nights he has woken up at 1 & 3 am psychotically mad. He doesn’t want a sippy of milk, his blankie, a stuffed toy and has on occasion slapped my hand when I reached out for him.

I’m awake…that’s about it!

Lesson #1: “You don’t slap Mama.” – I jumped out of bed, ignoring my bladder to help you and you hit me? You can wait for me to pee and get a drink of water while you throw your fit…I’ll be back in about 3 minutes. That always does the trick đŸ™‚

I was so worn out by 3am last night I had to send Mr. Ram-a-razzi to handle the crisis across the hall. It didn’t go so well. He brought him into our bed. The crying was now louder and right in my ear. I’m sure it was a good idea in his sleepy brain. Baby eventually ended up back in his room with Mama snuggling and drifting back to sleep. I can’t see a tooth but I kind of think that is the issue. He has three of his four first molars so number four should be arriving shortly.

Our little man has always been a weird teether. Beyond the first few teeth he never seemed interested in teething rings or teething toys, he never chewed on his fingers. He just acts crazy ticked off, is dramatic and moody. It’s like baby PMS. You tell him, “No” and he acts like you just crushed his world or he smacks the crap out of you. I have debated if Midol would be a better choice than Orajel for his teething.

I’m hoping to sooner rather than later get Baby Ram-a-razzi into his bed and go to bed myself. I am determined to drown this sinus infection (it is just starting) with lots of water and Mucinex-D it into oblivion!


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