Best Trip to the Gym EVER!

I was finally going to make it to the gym tonight! I hate going alone so I go with my hubby and brother-in-law, Mr. T. My mother-in-law usually watches Baby Ram-a-razzi while we go for an hour or so. She has been really worn out/not feeling great this week so I skipped a few days of workouts.

I am by no means a workout nut. The only thing that gets me there is the little bit of adult only time out of the house. I love the little man but an hour or two of decompression/him having fun and playing hard at Grandmas does us both good.

Tonight we fully intended to work out…I swear! We decided to go to Target beforehand and scope out the Christmas decor. You will see as it gets closer to the holidays that we are complete freaks when it comes to Christmas. I call Mr. Ram-a-razzi Clark Griswold. Not only is “Christmas Vacation” one of our favorites, he would do a lighting display that caused a power crisis like in the movie if we could afford to pay Duke Energy to power it.

I remembered I needed to go to Sears, which is on the way. I popped into Sears to use some rewards points that were about to expire (got a cute camel sweater from Lands End) and the men went to Michael’s to look at decor. Next was the planned Target trip. That turned into dinner and then finally Meijer.

We never got to the gym. We had a much needed fun outing together. My BIL and I are so much alike that it is creepy. After 9 years of being with my hubby, his brother and I have just within the last year or so gotten super open with each other. We spent quite a while thinking that the other didn’t really like us. That was never the case. We always thought we were so different but all along Mr. Ram-a-razzi would say, “You two are so much alike.” We have very similar personalities but you would never know that just meeting us. I come off as meticulous and semi-uptight and he comes off as relaxed. We are both very caring, sensitive and giving people but don’t put that out there all the time. We mask it differently making us appear so different.

Nothing bring our crazy families (his, mine and ours) together like a new string of lights, snowflake window clings and playing with singing Elvis ornaments.



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