Mama May Be Queen But Bailey Is The Princess

Bailey, Bails, Bailers, Bailey Bug, Bug Bug, Gingy or “You stubborn little brat!”

Nothing like a warm dog on a cold morning! It is kind of rough getting up with Baby Ram-a-razzi when my little buttwarmer decides she needs more beauty sleep.

Bailey is such a diva princess. She was my first “baby” when we adopted her five and a half years ago and will never let anyone forget it.

She loves the little man so much it is funny. When he was tiny she acted like he was her puppy and would rush to him when he cried and then come get me, if I was doing something unimportant like showering or using the bathroom and didn’t come right away 🙂

She is a total princess and we love her, even when she barks at squirrels and birds and drives us bonkers.


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