Oh Christmas Tree

He didn’t remember a thing about Christmas (he was 3 month old last year) and was quite confused by the trees, decorations at the mall and ornaments.

I am more excited for Christmas than usual this year. Last year was Baby Ram-a-razzi’s first Christmas but this year will be the first year he starts to understand. During our trip to the mall last weekend he was mesmerized by all the lights and shiny ornaments. I have a feeling the baby gates will be protecting the tree and presents this year.

I am having to remind myself that he needs nothing but maybe a few clothing items in 24m and 2T. He will of course get toys, but I need to remember that the grandparents do quite well in that department and we can handle the “boring” stuff and get him smaller toys too. Santa does quite well too! His stocking and gifts are always plentiful.

I even came up with a unique gift idea for Mr. Ram-a-razzi! I won’t spill it on here…he reads my blog 🙂 The Amazon wishlist (ideas for the aunts, uncles, grandparents…etc.) and gift idea list (for me to mark things I want to get people) are starting to shape up.

I can’t wait for the tree to go up!


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