The Beatles – “We Can Work It Out” with lyrics

Can’t everyone just quit complaining about the election/its results? We have 4 more years with Obama as president whether you like it, you voted for him, etc. This is just part of the political process. It is impossible to make everyone happy.

How can we expect a country to improve if no one wants to put aside differences of political view, religion, sexual orientation and try to understand how others see it. You might not agree but you WILL learn something. With the exception of the total nutjobs who blow up abortion clinics and attack gays, you will find a way to relate to someone seemingly nothing like you if you really try. You can, and should, interact with people who have differing beliefs. You learn to discuss difficult topics with class and composure. It isn’t always easy.

People form such strong opinions on things that they know very little about first hand. And with the internet and the social sounding board known as Facebook, people have no problem stating their opinions in ways that most people would not in face-to-face conversations. Some people would tell you to your face that you are a “welfare loving, baby killer who allows the gays to corrupt our society” if you voted for Obama, but in my opinion that is incredibly rude and shows a complete lack of respect for others. Most people would not be that crude sitting across from you at Fridays or at a barbecue (unless intoxicated…then all bets are off!).

You may never change your views but think for a second that maybe, just maybe, the people you believe to be “wrong” are actually the people who are right. No one wakes up and say, “Hey I’m going to knowingly be wrong today! The person who is wrong could actually be you.


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