I really got into the Christmas spirit after nap time and ventured to take Baby Ram-a-razzi’s photos for our Christmas cards by myself. Mr. Ram-a-razzi is working tonight and I wasn’t about to phone a friend to help me wrangle my child for photos. Let’s just say we both got our cardio in for the day. He got his running away from me and I got mine while running and yelling, “Stay away from the dog poop!”

We have an Invisible Fence and I was working in an area of our yard between ours and our neighbor’s house and along the side of the property where the dogs can’t get. At one point he made a mad dash for his swing set and right through the “pooping ground.” Thankfully he avoided all poo. He wasn’t wearing any shoes. I realized after he was all dressed and groomed that he has no dressier shoes right now, let alone brown shoes to match the lining of the jeans. It was almost 70 degrees this afternoon/early evening so the piggies got to be free.


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