Doggy Boot Camp?

Don’t let the cuteness fool you!

Of my three rescue mutts, Bailey, the Boxer mix is the one with the independent streak. My morning got off to a wonderful start. Baby Ram-a-razzi and I slept well and he woke up in a wonderful mood. Bailey snuggled in bed with me as usual and got up when we did. For the most part she roams the house with me most of the day while the other two enjoy being outside.

Today has been rainy so Boomer & Morgan are in their crates drying. The only thing worse than wet dog is wet dog being rubbed all over the carpet and furniture by said wet dog.

The little man and I were downstairs getting all settled into the family room for our morning “routine” of an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, our morning dance party to Pandora and eventually head upstairs for breakfast. He is like me in that he won’t eat until he has been awake 45 minutes to an hour.

I heard Bailey upstairs making some noise but thought nothing of it. At worst, she had knocked my purse off the couch and was resting there like a queen. I headed upstairs to make Thomas’ breakfast and she saw me and RAN. I knew that meant trouble. This usually means she has gotten into the bathroom trash can and chewed up old toilet paper rolls, Q-tips (ewww) or tissues.

She had done much worse. She had gotten into the diaper can in Baby Ram-a-razzi’s room. Thank God she only got into the container for the pee diapers. I keep the poo and pee diapers separate so that I don’t waste space in the diaper pail thingy that takes the expensive inserts. If it had been the poo diapers I might have had to call in a hazard disposal company. I don’t think I could deal with the thought of what she did in addition to cleaning it up.

You have no idea how hard it is to get that absorbent gel stuff off the carpet.There I was on scooping up used diaper gel into a garbage bag with a red Solo cup. The vacuum was able to get the rest. I, of course, took apart the vacuum and washed all the parts with hot soapy water. The vacuum parts are now scattered across the kitchen floor drying on old towels.

In case she hadn’t provided me with enough to do this morning, she peed on the floor in the hall while I was cleaning. After confirming her reservation at the glue factory I did calm down.

She is now resting shamefully in her crate for the rest of the morning. Never a dull moment.


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