Let The Madness Begin!

The first Christmas gift purchase of the year has arrived! Dexter the Digger for Baby Ram-a-razzi. It was an Amazon Lightning Deal a few days ago for $28 vs the regular $38. Woo Hoo! I also picked us up a copy of Polar Express on Blu-Ray for $10 Saturday night when I couldn’t sleep. They arrived together.

I am now faced with the questions of what to get everyone else. Baby Ram-a-razzi is super easy. I always get him too much stuff for holidays. The Easter Bunny rivals Santa at our house. I am also planning to get him a wagon to ride around in on walks or at the zoo. “I” being Mr. Ram-a-razzi and I but I am the Christmas shopper of the family. I stalk for deals, use coupons and come up with unique ideas. He shops for the exterior illumination items and for my gift 🙂 He does come up with great ideas of what to get certain people, I then execute the purchase.

My next step is to make the “Master List” of people we buy for, what we bought, how much it cost and where we bought it. I am an uber nerd and do it in Excel. It’s nice to have a running total so you know how crazy of a bill to expect come January.


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