I Need A Show To Call My Own

Mr. Ram-a-razzi is in the mancave watching Sons of Anarchy as I type. He has two “shows” that he is really into, SOA and Walking Dead. I will half watch SOA with him sometimes but being a few seasons in, sometimes the reference back to things or the implication that you know something throws me off. Walking Dead…no thanks.

He actually has quite a few other shows that he watches, usually on DVD, when he has free time which is often days after it aired. At any given time he usually has something to watch each week throughout the year.

I on the other hand only have a few shows that I really watch. Most of it is time related but also watching kids TV most of the day, if the TV is on at all, I never see the previews for new shows. Because of that I never know about them until people are raving about them a few episodes in.

The Mr. and I watch Biggest Loser and Newsroom together. We used to watch The Voice but it got to be too time consuming with all the episode and the judges got a little annoying. By myself, it is Craft Wars. I was never a big Tori Spelling fan but I like her on the show, she doesn’t talk a whole lot.

I love Bones, but am a season behind on that. Once the show ends I will catch up. I like to “cheat” and watch previous season of shows too. Waiting a week can be a long time, especially when they leave you hanging. I missed Season 7 because I had a tiny baby and zero time to watch TV. If I had free time, I was asleep. I will have to watch it online I guess. It’s into Season 8 now so it won’t be too hard to get back on track. But again…TIME! I don’t think decomposed faux corpses are the best viewing material for a toddler. And once he goes to bed I get done what has to be done and call it a night.

I guess I need something a little less deep and a little more “fluffy” like Craft Wars. I wonder if TLC would like my suggestion for Photography Wars, Shopping For Bargains at the Mall Wars and Christmas Wars! (I loved Halloween Wars on Food Network!)


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