Get Me Out Of My Zoo & To THE Zoo!

These past few days have been a bit crazy. It must be a full moon or something because the dogs have been even crazier than usual.

Baby Ram-a-razzi has four teeth currently in various states of coming in. He won’t let me near his mouth to see the progress but he likes to brush where the gums are sore so teeth brushing time gives me clues.

Our house has been a zoo. Trying to clean, maintaining a bit of control, washing laundry, cleaning up an unusually large amount of dog and baby messes (both biological and general mess) and entertaining the “kids” has driven me a little crazy.

We have passes to the zoo so tomorrow we will go on an adventure as we call them. Baby and I are having lunch with my Mom and then the 3 of us are then heading to the zoo.

The zoo keeps us all happy and it is pretty much free beyond gas. Best $125 a year ever! We have more than payed for our membership just in cabin fever treatment alone.

I am super excited! I finally get to see the new baby giraffe Lulu in person. I am a bit of a zoo nerd but I embrace it!

Wild Man!

Wild Man!


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