A Veruca Salt Moment & Faking Famous

I was expecting an awesome package today, my Jo Tote that I won! According to USPS.com it was supposed to arrive today. I’m sure it just didn’t fit in the mail truck or they didn’t get it from the big Cincinnati Post Office to my little Post Office in time to go out for delivery. I stalked the mailman most of the afternoon…no box. I guess I will have a goodie tomorrow. Or at least I hope it comes tomorrow!

I can barely contain my excitement about filling my bag with my photo whatnot and marveling at its adorableness. I will have to purchase an adorable luggage tag for it just like all of my other bags. The tags started as just regular, hard plastic, hot pink luggage tags and now I have a tag of my initial, a giraffe and a Division II athletics tag that I acquired through a previous job. The DII one makes me look athletic so I use it for travel and people at airports look at me and wonder what sport I excel at (If you know me in real life that is hilarious).

Celebs Travel Style

Speaking of airports. One of my favorite travel hobbies is to try and make myself look like a famous person incognito. I only do it when I am not with my travel companion(s) it embarrasses the heck out of them. I traveled alone once and had a blast in my jeans, ratty button-up, big sunglasses, no makeup, flip-flops and large handbag. I don’t resemble anyone famous. It was fun seeing people look and try to figure out who I was. The joke is on them, I’m just a bored, easily entertained airline passenger.

When I have a companion I put on my hat and big sunglasses and walk around to kill time. I carry a gigantic purse anyway. I travel in jeans and flip-flops most of the time for comfort. My usual favorite hoodie works well for the fake celeb costume as well.


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