Small Business Saturday – November 24, 2012

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Help stimulate your local economy and put some cash in the pockets of your favorite local businesses.

I have to admit that I can be a bit of an addict. Their prices are great and the stuff comes to your door in 2 days. It is awesome for the hard-to-find toys, electronics and movies. But, when it comes to certain things I really love to buy from local businesses. I like to be able to touch things, ask questions and know exactly what I am buying.

I love the jewelry items made by Weathergirl! Her shop is on etsy and she does the occasional craft/boutique sale around Cincy. Her pieces are so unique and I can guarantee that if you give them as a gift the recipient won’t have three like them already. She handcrafts all of her pieces in her home studio with the utmost of care. She attended DAAP at the University of Cincinnati before deciding that Communications was her career of choice. Her full bio can be found on her etsy site.

One of my closest friends, Cassie, has become a jewelry lady with Premier Designs. They primarily do home parties but she has the catalog featured on her site to make catalog parties super easy for those who want to just pass out some catalogs to friends, ladies at the office, etc. and help the hostess earn free jewelry. I hosted a home show over the summer during the 30-40-50 promotion (which they are doing again after the holiday). I qualified for the 50% of my party in free jewelry and walked away with almost $500 in free jewelry from my 50% of the show plus the bonuses of $25 for having your show on original date, $25 for having 10 guests (18 or older), $25 for collecting $100 in advance orders and $25 for 3 or more bookings for future shows! I also receive countless items at half-price.

Last but not least, Joy Tour & Travel. I friend of mine from grade school started working there recently and introduced me to the them through their Facebook site. I took a look around and they are a really awesome family-owned tour company and travel agency. I miss the days of visiting a travel agency to book a vacation. I love my Travelocity and Priceline for a cheap room when passing through a place on business or as a stop on my way to my true destination but don’t really trust it so much for booking a vacation. You are staying for a week at a place that you have seen 15 photos of (chosen by the hotel/resort itself). I have visions of Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise where they end up at the creepy motel with the chickens and chalk outline under the rug. If you are looking to plan a vacation give them a call!



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