We Survived The Plague

The Mister and I survived what was the worst stomach bug we have ever had. Thankfully the wretched symptoms only lasted about 12 hours but we were left weak, dehydrated and tired. I was sick Monday evening through Tuesday morning and he picked up my slack by having it Tuesday evening through this morning. It was pretty much the longest 12 hours of our lives.

Poor Baby Ram-a-razzi had no idea what was going on except he got a “new” toy on Tuesday while I sat in the recliner and sipped water and ate toast. Thank God I hide toys in the closet until he forgets about them and they become “new” in the case of emergency aka Mom is sick.

I am feeling much better and had a pretty decent day other than feeling like I had been beaten up. My hope is tomorrow Mr. Ram-a-razzi rejoins the living. We have lots to do while he is off work!

I managed to clean up and rearrange the upstairs today in preparation for the tree and Christmas decor. I also whipped up my cranberry sauce. As usual I used 5 pounds of crans. The bagger at the grocery said he had never seen anyone buy that many bags. I guess I am a weirdo. Everyone loves the stuff so I got the job of being the cranberry sauce maker. I give a container to my parents, my MIL, we keep one and a container gets frozen for Christmas. I always have one extra container that I raffle off to the highest bidding family member. Ok, that’s not true. The extra goes to my parents’ house in case people drop by. Relatives have been known to walk off with the crans. I’m 100% serious about the “cran-napping!”

So far no signs of plague infestation in the little man so I am holding out hope. I have the Pedia-lyte ready to go if disaster strikes. After taking care of a sick hubby I can take care of a sick toddler no problem 😉


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