Mommy McGyver

I looked all over for a childproofing device to cover the buttons on the side of our TV. Every single one of them was either too shallow or too short. No matter how many times we said “No”, moved him away and gave him a toy, etc…he could not resist the temptation. I hate feeling like I am constantly telling him things that he can not do. He is just so curious and adventurous that some days I feel like a super meanie!

Today I had enough of the TV button pushing and decided that I HAD to figure something out. I resorted to the incredibly simple. Firm cardboard and packaging tape. The side of the TV is angled so pushing the cardboard does not push the buttons. If he bends the cardboard so what. We have more! I might switch to a more attractive, sturdier material but for now this works. I had been thinking too far into the fix and the super simple never occurred to me.



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