Sometimes You’re The Windshield…Sometimes You’re The Bug

I think today I am the bug. I don’t think yesterday ever really ended!

I had a full day yesterday with a doctor’s appointment, visit to my parents’, cooked dinner, regular Mama duties and even made it to the gym followed by the grocery. I was very ready for an awesome, drool on your pillow night’s sleep.

I didn’t get much sleep, let alone and awesome night’s sleep. The little guy is working on even more teeth and seems to have a bit of an upset stomach. He slept about 3 hours total between 11pm and 5am in increments of 30 minutes or so. He is working on having 13/20 baby teeth.

Today has been nowhere near as productive as I had hoped prior to not sleeping. I get a gold star on my “wife chart” for making dinner today. Pot roast with potatoes, carrots and green beans. I also prevented the house from being a disaster area but made no improvement to the tidiness or organization…I am just breaking even.

The dogs and the boy are in cahoots today! I feel like the only word I have uttered today are derivatives of “NO!” My brain hurts!

I’m hoping naptime works as a “reboot” for the wild child and his puppies 🙂

Disney’s “A Bug’s Life”


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