Welcome to the Insomnia Show!

Well, here it is 2am and I am still awake. Today was one of those lazy days where it spit rain, was dark and the atmosphere was just heavy with sleepy vibes. I was completely unmotivated to do anything except brush my teeth and provide my child with nourishment.

I took a nap this afternoon for probably about an hour while little man napped. I fell asleep on the couch so my nap length is a guesstimate. I woke up feeling even more tired, grouchy and achy thanks to my odd sleeping position on the couch.

Mr. Ram-a-razzi took my mood as a cue to say, “Go nap in bed for a little longer” once the baby woke up. I never really got to sleep until it was almost time for him to leave to meet his brother at the gym.

I decide that Baby Ram-a-razzi and I would carpool with them and go grocery shopping while they worked on their guts & butts. Honestly, I was just feeling too lazy to drive and wanted the help carrying in groceries when we got home. Ulterior motive at its finest.

I got a gold star on my Mom Chart for getting groceries despite wanting to put it off. I looked semi-cute, baby was adorable in jammies and a hoodie so another gold star.

I had been lagging and dragging all day and evening but when it came time for bed all of the caffeine I ingested throughout the day to maintain consciousness kicked in. Hello Insomnia!

I had a small snack, I watched some TV, I have read on my iPad, I did breathing exercises, I said a nice prayer and now I have blogged. I am seriously debating a shot of Ny-quil. I should really get a bottle of their Zzzz-Quil to try out but I have to settle for what is available.


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