I’m Mad At Facebook!

I just tried to post a message on my friend’s page. It was not an advertisement, just a “Nice Work” post on her wall for getting a bunch of new fans.

Up popped this message that Facebook considers me to be posting SPAM and that I am banned from posting on any walls for 15 days! I was like WTD (what the duck) and emailed them. I told them the situation and said it must be an error. I post on only friends’ page walls + my regular friends from time to time and I post normal, non-ad stuff, usually having zero to do with a business, let alone my own.

I expected a reasonable explanation. The first response plopped right out of a tin can and had nothing to do with what I wrote. It was something along the lines of here is our Policy on SPAM, etc. I responded and said that my “Good Job” post was not threatening, sharing personal info, contained no nakedness, was far from obscene…etc.

This time I got a “person” but an equally dumb answer. They said I was spamming MY OWN business page. I almost wrote back and asked if they were located in Colorado and had bought some bad weed! I asked for a specific example. They said I posted the photo/list for my photo challenge everyday for 7 days. TRUE! I deleted quite a few of them shortly after posting because I posted a status that mentioned it, a blog post that mentioned it was added to the wall by my RSS app and so forth.

There were never 7 post up at one time. Even if I did post the same pic everyday for a week and left it up isn’t it my page? People can choose to unfollow if they have an issue, message me and say, “Simmer down” or post something to my wall.

And with the way FB is trying to sell ads by making their algorithm so that the only way people see all of your posts as a follower is to add you to an “Interests List” I would be shocked if people got more than one, MAYBE two of the posts.

Needless to say, I’m perturbed!

*Shakes Head*

*Shakes Head*


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