When Did Christmas Become An Idiot-fest?

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. Tis the season to be busy!

I was just picking up a few things while passing time until a dinner date with my good friend, C.

Do people not realize that the people who work retail have zero say when it comes to you demanding a discount, making a return, being denied for a credit card, etc. The best they can do is call a manager and it will probably be a bit of a wait!

I worked retail for many years and dealt with this constantly at Christmas. It is as if people were beaten with a stupid stick and kicked with the steel-toed boot of rudeness.

I do understand that stores can be in the wrong, but it is only the employee’s fault a small percentage of the time.

I particularly loved the dirtballs who cussed me out for denying them a Macy’s Card because I didn’t do it right. Yes, sir, I purposely took the time to enter all of your info into the computer and then pressed the secret, “Deny this jerk” button under the register. LOL.

The woman in front of me was peeved that her card was denied. The cashier did the correct thing and asked her if she would like to swipe a different card or apply for the store card. That is what you are taught to do.

This bi….lovely woman went on a rant about how she wanted the 20 year old college girl to call Visa and call in the authorization because it couldn’t be denied. Oh Lord!

Don’t be a Scrooge because you were embarrassed by your own lack of personal responsibility!


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