Christmas Is Upon Me…Almost Literally

I finally got my holiday mojo this year, but a little late. I just wasn’t feeling the Christmas Love like I usually am. Stress tends to do that to a gal.

I just finished baking a zillion cookies with Mr. Ram-a-razzi. I prepped a lot of the dough early so that the baking and decorating wouldn’t take so long. I tend to poop out after making all the dough and not want to bake the cookies. So, I did it a bit different and it worked out to our advantage. Minimal poop out!

Ok, about Christmas almost literally being upon me. I tackled a little bit of wrapping a week or so ago after Baby Ram-a-razzi went to bed and the Mr. was working on some work things in the family room. I now have all of the items I have ordered and have purchased all of the gifts that I needed to get at a store. I am being suffocated by cardboard, paper and plastic as we speak. My home office is the equivalent of the junk drawer of the house. Everything that doesn’t have a place (or lately things that the baby has decided to try and climb on, destroy or carry around) have ended up in here. Add boxes, Macy’s bags, some laundry that I refuse to put away until after 12/21 (just in case the world ends…then it would be pointless to have put it away) and lots of toys covered with blankets and sheets and you get what looks like a ransacked Toys ‘r Us. The munchkin can’t do doorknobs yet so the toys are as good as locked in a vault when the door is shut. And with the current state of this disaster area…that is ALWAYS!

I have to get wrapping soon for Santa will be bringing stuff in Target bags topped with bows 😉


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