12 Things I Learned About Life During 2012

1. Life is never forever! Today a close friend of my BIL passed away from cancer. He was diagnosed with lung cancer less than 6 months ago. Just this week it was discovered that his treatments were not working and it had spread to his liver. He had just turned 30.

2. No matter how much they drive you crazy, your child(ren) bless your life. This year I have witnessed the struggles of women in my life, including a close friend, to have a child.

3. Stretch marks are OK. I don’t love them but I certainly don’t feel the same way that I felt this time last year. They will never fully go away so why worry?

4. It is okay to wear your pajamas most of the day. It is more important that my son has fun being a little boy. We roll around on the floor, play with the dogs, eat snacks and usually spill something.

5. Sometimes I need to just let it be and leave it alone! I tend to try to save the world but need to spend less time worrying about stuff that isn’t my problem.

6. Karma is a biotch…I hope! I have encountered a few less than moral and honest people in this past year that I made sure are not apart of my family’s life. After 29 years of living I still do not understand what goes on in some people’s head.

7. A cookie makes everything better, just ask my son!

8. Who cares what size your clothes are? Be healthy, do your best and don’t obsess.

9. Having faith in yourself is the most important part “being the best.” There is no best! The so-called best are just people who have faith in themselves and p

ursue their dreams & talents to the best of their ability.

10. The best gifts are not things. On Christmas night, Baby Ram-a-razzi planted a big wet kiss on the lips on me before bed. We never kiss him on the mouth. It was hilarious and adorable. It was the best gift I received.

11. You can never have enough AA batteries! I have dipped into my camera bag’s rechargables from time-to-time to power a favorite toy, Mr. Ram-a-razzi’s handy remote control and the occasional clock. Santa will be getting a request for the Costco sized battery pack next year.

12. Always get in the photo! It makes me so sad to say but if you look at photos of my son’s first birthday you would never know I was there. I was so wrapped up in documenting it that I am not in a single photo. I cried that night.


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