Being My Own Biggest Fan

I have spent a lot of time these past few weeks checking out the Facebook sites, websites and such of fellow photogs. I joined a photo group online and everyone shows their work, asks for critiques, asks questions…etc.

Pretty nifty, most of the time. I would guess that 40-60% of the posts come from the same 5-10 people, excluding administrator posts.

It seems that there are plenty of people ready to toot their own horn. And tell you all about how great their horn is.

I have never had that problem! I think art school scarred me for life! I like feedback but many people just don’t know how to give feedback without sounding like an a-hole! This has given me a bit of a self-conscious streak about my work. Darn them to Hades!

I received an email today from a previous client who was wanting to set up another session. It warmed my heart to hear her loving words for my work. I don’t need people patting me on the back and giving me gold stars but unsolicited praise is always appreciated. Too bad unsolicited criticism flows more freely these days that praise.

I love my work or I wouldn’t do it. I am not ashamed of my early work and often sit and analyze it for what I could have done better and see how I have improved.

The learning process never ends. When it does, you take your last breath.

Words To Shoot By :)

Words To Shoot By 🙂


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