Stealers Stink!

As a Bengals fan, yes, I do think the Pittsburgh Steelers stink but I am talking about stealers…photo stealers!

Thankfully, I have never had my photos stolen, to my knowledge. I have seen lots of posts lately by other photogs on message boards and Facebook about having their work stolen.

I am a firm believer that it is NOT stealing to use other people’s work for inspiration, recreate poses, setups, etc. After all, there are very few “original ideas” left no matter if you believe the world has been around for thousands of years or billions of years.

I am talking about people who use other people’s photos and either remove the watermark or find photos without a watermark and pass them off as their own.

If you give the illusion that you can take photos like the ones you stole, you better be able to! Oh wait! If you could, why wouldn’t you just use your own photos? SNAP!

I spent this past weekend taking down all my Facebook albums on my business page and making sure every photo was watermarked, reorganizing the albums and updating. Thankfully I only found a few photos without my watermark that had slipped through the cracks. My website puts my watermark on automatically 🙂 Lazy people rejoice!

As a nosey person, I am DYING to see some of the pictures and who stole them. Well, darn the people who had their photos stolen for not publicly calling out the stealers so I could see.


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