Oh, Free Speech!

And I thought all the nonsense would end after the election! I held out until after the Inauguration and still no relief.

The latest “hot topic” on the FB seems to be gun control. I have a few Facebook friends who seem to post the most ridiculous nonsense all day everyday. I have had to block their updates and posts from my newsfeed.

I take no issue with people owning guns. No matter what the laws are the people who really want them will still get them. Bank robbers, serial killers, anti-government folks, etc will find a way. They tend to disregard laws.

My issue is with the people who want to pass on this crazy, false information. One girl keeps posting about how Obama is going to take people’s guns. Yes, the POTUS is going to knock on your door and take your “piece.”

I have no issue with extensive background checks, waiting periods and training requirements. I don’t want some fool who thinks they need a gun to be required to take classes on how to properly use it or at least pass a test just like a driver’s license.

Ok, my point wasn’t really even about guns specifically 🙂 I just hate people who see these pictures & post and decide they must repost this outrageous sounding information without first taking the 2 minutes to verify it is actually true.

Don’t you think a post by a group called “Americans for Guns” will be just as biased as a group called “Protect Our Kids From Guns?” Common Sense people! Check your information before you perpetuate lies and hilarity!


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