Do I Have Moron Written On My Chest?

I had a deep conversation today with my bff of more than 25 years, who I call CJ on the blog. She has had a good run of bad luck lately. Someone hit her new car and didn’t leave a note after having some serious guy drama the day before. I will only air her dirty laundry briefly before I get to my point. She had been dating someone for a few months only to find out he was still scouting out potential prospects. Yeah, people suck, but here is the kicker. He wrote her this ridiculously fabricated excuse via email “apologizing” and wanting to be friends. We got a good laugh.

Here’s the beef! Or cattle excrement to be more precise. She and I have both encountered a bit of B.S lately passed off as truth, excuse and explanation. YAY for stuff to bond over! We have come to the conclusion that some people think you have “MORON” plastered across your chest and you will buy into their mess. As it turns out they are the ones wearing that shirt for thinking that we believe it.

Why can’t people be honest? I know, the great philosopher Dr. Gregory House once said, “Everybody Lies.” I’m not talking about white lies and such, but when people treat you like a fool and spoon-feed you crap and expect you to accept it. I ask an honest, straightforward question and I expect a corresponding answer.

As hard as it is, I guess we should just keep chugging along and looking for that “Serenity” that I talked about in my last post. As for the B.S…AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!



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