Mr. Ram-a-razzi Is A Goner!

Clean towels!

I appreciate when Mr. Ram-a-razzi helps out, I really do! God knows I need it! Toddler Ram-a-razzi sure knows how to make messes and make things look as if I belong on “Hoarders.” Any-who…towels. Last night the mister was kind enough to volunteer to wash towels.

We used to have a zillion mismatched towels from my apartment, stolen from both sets of parents over the years and a few mystery towels that just appeared and we have no idea where they came from. We have finally weeded it down to the GOOD towels. The big, fluffy kind that cover your entire body after a shower with no embarrassing, “Am I really this fat?” gap along the side.

Okay, these wonderful towels. He washed them and left them in the dryer.

*Cue Murder Scene Music*

He brought up his favorites for his shower and I assumed he brought up the entire basket or GASP put them neatly in the linen closet. I get my much needed bath after a day at the zoo, trip to Target, assembling a new jog stroller and other Mom stuff. I notice the towel hook on the bathroom door are empty except for his (that I hung up after he left them sitting). I step out into the hall and open the linen closet.

I had a Steve Martin moment from “Planes, trains & Automobiles.” You know, the scene where he take the shower only to discover no usable towels and dries off with a washcloth? Yep! I was fortunate enough to find a hand towel.



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