The Last of Anything

I temporarily stopped blogging last year with the intent of only taking a month or two off…it became a year and a half!

So onto “The Last of Anything.”

I was staring into my fridge hoping to find something amazing had appeared since the last time I peered inside. No such luck. I decided to make a small salad to get me to dinner. To my surprise all of my desired ingredients were present. It occurred to me that very rarely, unless I make it clear with big BOLD letter on a takeout box or it being an item no one else likes, do I get the last of anything.

I guess that’s part of the Mom deal? Bowls of Special K Red Berries with no milk, cheese without crackers and jelly & bread but no peanut butter are pretty common. I know I could go to the grocery more often but I have so much free time *sarcasm* and it is always delightful to take a child that I just say “Whatever” and eat my potluck.

So next time you see one last Popsicle, dollop of peanut butter or find a lone Reese’s Cup (most likely hidden on purpose) ask the woman in your life if she would like it.


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