Mommy McGyver

I looked all over for a childproofing device to cover the buttons on the side of our TV. Every single one of them was either too shallow or too short. No matter how many times we said “No”, moved him away and gave him a toy, etc…he could not resist the temptation. I hate feeling like I am constantly telling him things that he can not do. He is just so curious and adventurous that some days I feel like a super meanie!

Today I had enough of the TV button pushing and decided that I HAD to figure something out. I resorted to the incredibly simple. Firm cardboard and packaging tape. The side of the TV is angled so pushing the cardboard does not push the buttons. If he bends the cardboard so what. We have more! I might switch to a more attractive, sturdier material but for now this works. I had been thinking too far into the fix and the super simple never occurred to me.



The Halls Are Decked!


Baby Ram-a-razzi’s special tree


Charlie Brown & Friends


Only the lights


Eating some Elf Chow before bed


All Finished!

We Survived The Plague

The Mister and I survived what was the worst stomach bug we have ever had. Thankfully the wretched symptoms only lasted about 12 hours but we were left weak, dehydrated and tired. I was sick Monday evening through Tuesday morning and he picked up my slack by having it Tuesday evening through this morning. It was pretty much the longest 12 hours of our lives.

Poor Baby Ram-a-razzi had no idea what was going on except he got a “new” toy on Tuesday while I sat in the recliner and sipped water and ate toast. Thank God I hide toys in the closet until he forgets about them and they become “new” in the case of emergency aka Mom is sick.

I am feeling much better and had a pretty decent day other than feeling like I had been beaten up. My hope is tomorrow Mr. Ram-a-razzi rejoins the living. We have lots to do while he is off work!

I managed to clean up and rearrange the upstairs today in preparation for the tree and Christmas decor. I also whipped up my cranberry sauce. As usual I used 5 pounds of crans. The bagger at the grocery said he had never seen anyone buy that many bags. I guess I am a weirdo. Everyone loves the stuff so I got the job of being the cranberry sauce maker. I give a container to my parents, my MIL, we keep one and a container gets frozen for Christmas. I always have one extra container that I raffle off to the highest bidding family member. Ok, that’s not true. The extra goes to my parents’ house in case people drop by. Relatives have been known to walk off with the crans. I’m 100% serious about the “cran-napping!”

So far no signs of plague infestation in the little man so I am holding out hope. I have the Pedia-lyte ready to go if disaster strikes. After taking care of a sick hubby I can take care of a sick toddler no problem 😉

Get Me Out Of My Zoo & To THE Zoo!

These past few days have been a bit crazy. It must be a full moon or something because the dogs have been even crazier than usual.

Baby Ram-a-razzi has four teeth currently in various states of coming in. He won’t let me near his mouth to see the progress but he likes to brush where the gums are sore so teeth brushing time gives me clues.

Our house has been a zoo. Trying to clean, maintaining a bit of control, washing laundry, cleaning up an unusually large amount of dog and baby messes (both biological and general mess) and entertaining the “kids” has driven me a little crazy.

We have passes to the zoo so tomorrow we will go on an adventure as we call them. Baby and I are having lunch with my Mom and then the 3 of us are then heading to the zoo.

The zoo keeps us all happy and it is pretty much free beyond gas. Best $125 a year ever! We have more than payed for our membership just in cabin fever treatment alone.

I am super excited! I finally get to see the new baby giraffe Lulu in person. I am a bit of a zoo nerd but I embrace it!

Wild Man!

Wild Man!

I Need A Show To Call My Own

Mr. Ram-a-razzi is in the mancave watching Sons of Anarchy as I type. He has two “shows” that he is really into, SOA and Walking Dead. I will half watch SOA with him sometimes but being a few seasons in, sometimes the reference back to things or the implication that you know something throws me off. Walking Dead…no thanks.

He actually has quite a few other shows that he watches, usually on DVD, when he has free time which is often days after it aired. At any given time he usually has something to watch each week throughout the year.

I on the other hand only have a few shows that I really watch. Most of it is time related but also watching kids TV most of the day, if the TV is on at all, I never see the previews for new shows. Because of that I never know about them until people are raving about them a few episodes in.

The Mr. and I watch Biggest Loser and Newsroom together. We used to watch The Voice but it got to be too time consuming with all the episode and the judges got a little annoying. By myself, it is Craft Wars. I was never a big Tori Spelling fan but I like her on the show, she doesn’t talk a whole lot.

I love Bones, but am a season behind on that. Once the show ends I will catch up. I like to “cheat” and watch previous season of shows too. Waiting a week can be a long time, especially when they leave you hanging. I missed Season 7 because I had a tiny baby and zero time to watch TV. If I had free time, I was asleep. I will have to watch it online I guess. It’s into Season 8 now so it won’t be too hard to get back on track. But again…TIME! I don’t think decomposed faux corpses are the best viewing material for a toddler. And once he goes to bed I get done what has to be done and call it a night.

I guess I need something a little less deep and a little more “fluffy” like Craft Wars. I wonder if TLC would like my suggestion for Photography Wars, Shopping For Bargains at the Mall Wars and Christmas Wars! (I loved Halloween Wars on Food Network!)

Let The Madness Begin!

The first Christmas gift purchase of the year has arrived! Dexter the Digger for Baby Ram-a-razzi. It was an Amazon Lightning Deal a few days ago for $28 vs the regular $38. Woo Hoo! I also picked us up a copy of Polar Express on Blu-Ray for $10 Saturday night when I couldn’t sleep. They arrived together.

I am now faced with the questions of what to get everyone else. Baby Ram-a-razzi is super easy. I always get him too much stuff for holidays. The Easter Bunny rivals Santa at our house. I am also planning to get him a wagon to ride around in on walks or at the zoo. “I” being Mr. Ram-a-razzi and I but I am the Christmas shopper of the family. I stalk for deals, use coupons and come up with unique ideas. He shops for the exterior illumination items and for my gift 🙂 He does come up with great ideas of what to get certain people, I then execute the purchase.

My next step is to make the “Master List” of people we buy for, what we bought, how much it cost and where we bought it. I am an uber nerd and do it in Excel. It’s nice to have a running total so you know how crazy of a bill to expect come January.

Doggy Boot Camp?

Don’t let the cuteness fool you!

Of my three rescue mutts, Bailey, the Boxer mix is the one with the independent streak. My morning got off to a wonderful start. Baby Ram-a-razzi and I slept well and he woke up in a wonderful mood. Bailey snuggled in bed with me as usual and got up when we did. For the most part she roams the house with me most of the day while the other two enjoy being outside.

Today has been rainy so Boomer & Morgan are in their crates drying. The only thing worse than wet dog is wet dog being rubbed all over the carpet and furniture by said wet dog.

The little man and I were downstairs getting all settled into the family room for our morning “routine” of an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, our morning dance party to Pandora and eventually head upstairs for breakfast. He is like me in that he won’t eat until he has been awake 45 minutes to an hour.

I heard Bailey upstairs making some noise but thought nothing of it. At worst, she had knocked my purse off the couch and was resting there like a queen. I headed upstairs to make Thomas’ breakfast and she saw me and RAN. I knew that meant trouble. This usually means she has gotten into the bathroom trash can and chewed up old toilet paper rolls, Q-tips (ewww) or tissues.

She had done much worse. She had gotten into the diaper can in Baby Ram-a-razzi’s room. Thank God she only got into the container for the pee diapers. I keep the poo and pee diapers separate so that I don’t waste space in the diaper pail thingy that takes the expensive inserts. If it had been the poo diapers I might have had to call in a hazard disposal company. I don’t think I could deal with the thought of what she did in addition to cleaning it up.

You have no idea how hard it is to get that absorbent gel stuff off the carpet.There I was on scooping up used diaper gel into a garbage bag with a red Solo cup. The vacuum was able to get the rest. I, of course, took apart the vacuum and washed all the parts with hot soapy water. The vacuum parts are now scattered across the kitchen floor drying on old towels.

In case she hadn’t provided me with enough to do this morning, she peed on the floor in the hall while I was cleaning. After confirming her reservation at the glue factory I did calm down.

She is now resting shamefully in her crate for the rest of the morning. Never a dull moment.

Oh Christmas Tree

He didn’t remember a thing about Christmas (he was 3 month old last year) and was quite confused by the trees, decorations at the mall and ornaments.

I am more excited for Christmas than usual this year. Last year was Baby Ram-a-razzi’s first Christmas but this year will be the first year he starts to understand. During our trip to the mall last weekend he was mesmerized by all the lights and shiny ornaments. I have a feeling the baby gates will be protecting the tree and presents this year.

I am having to remind myself that he needs nothing but maybe a few clothing items in 24m and 2T. He will of course get toys, but I need to remember that the grandparents do quite well in that department and we can handle the “boring” stuff and get him smaller toys too. Santa does quite well too! His stocking and gifts are always plentiful.

I even came up with a unique gift idea for Mr. Ram-a-razzi! I won’t spill it on here…he reads my blog 🙂 The Amazon wishlist (ideas for the aunts, uncles, grandparents…etc.) and gift idea list (for me to mark things I want to get people) are starting to shape up.

I can’t wait for the tree to go up!